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Simon Woods:
I will definitely recommend your services should i know of anyone
else having this issue.
You've made the whole process very easy and personable which took away the worries of sending an expensive part away to some strange (not meant personally!) address.  If I hadn't had found you on the net I probably wouldn't have had the trust to send it to anyone else and probably would've ended up paying more at a shop somewhere.
Also, I've learnt a little in the process :-)

Carl Larsen:
Absolute gem. Fixed my laptop cheap and received photos of the job and
as a Christmas present I got the DVD tutorial for free. Had no idea of the insides before now, Great, perfect and not a bad price for so much time and info. Merry Christmas, regards Carl Larsen



How strange is it when your Laptop power fails,
(HP being the worst but not the only one) and just after your warranty has run out. And how strange is it that HP and other main Laptop manufacturers acknowledge the issue and when they are forced to admit they claim it can not be fixed. The same thing can be said about repair shops. Then one can ask how come I have had over 600 Laptops from HP customers with exactly this problem,
( Over 200 other models too)

Some years ago similar strange events happened, HP Printers of the same model turned up at my workshop. All 82 of them with exactly same problem and all within a week, each of them all having the exact same problem (They all refused to switch on), We tested all the circuits and found no problems but on this occasion it suspiciously looked like it might be an IC Chip, though I could not establish which one so I took some of the printers to a colleague to get some idea of the problem. The only conclusion we came up with after a thorough diagnosis ruling out other issues etc. was that it could only be either a manufacturer fault of one of the chips or even possibly an imbedded timing chip in one of the IC's.

It makes one wonder what with millions spent in research that HP and other companies produced so many weak circuits on and around the power circuit zones including the area around the Power Jack.
And not to the lack of space.

When etching circuit boards even i know it is wise to leave as much copper on the board around hot areas as possible.

Anyway these Pages are constructed to support the
Power Jack Problem and loads more regarding Laptop Repairs.

Please read on for further details.



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